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Take it Back

Somewhere at recess in elementary school or the back seat of our parent’s car with siblings crowding our space a heated conversation ensued. Sooner or later those proverbial words were spoken: “Take it back!” That’s usually when the real scuffle began. Teachers and parents often pulled us apart. Over the years I am sure we’ve all gotten into a verbal, maybe even physical battle with enemies and friends. Some of our hardest lessons learned on the playground have to be relearned over and over in the adult world. Wouldn’t it be nice it we really could, “Take it back.” The reality of adult life soon discovered, our words won’t easily go back in our mouth, once they’ve fallen out. Words do a lot of damage in a hurry. Feelings get hurt and scars are left on a relationship. If you would like to find a little help and guidance on being wiser with your words, join us this weekend and invite a guest to one of our Journey worship services. This weekend our message is again from Proverbs in the Bible. We’ll share part three of the series, Wisdom Words. This week we’re discovering that our words pack a punch. Words can help or hurt. Hurt people hurt people. Words give and take away life; words can hijack us or set someone free. If you struggle to use better words, positive words, let Jesus set you free. It begins with our heart. Jesus really is for you and not against you. You can do this. How? Hand over your harmful words to the Him. We’re in this together. People matter most. See you in one of our Journey gatherings. God is good. 

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