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Better Life

Everyone I know is searching for the same thing. Even though we have different views on almost everything, this one thing, we have in common. All of us are looking for the secret to a better life. Rich or poor, young or old - everyone would love to discover the formula to their best life ever.

This weekend we begin a new series from the Gospel of Mark. It is mostly words and musings from the life of Jesus while on earth. It was written to help all of us identify a path to follow, that when practiced, over time, will produce the best possible life. Who wouldn’t want to know more about something like that?

There are a lot of subjects and topics that Jesus discusses in this historical record of the Bible called the Gospel of Mark. More or less, the author has written down things Jesus spoke about and did with his closest followers and friends during a brief ministry before His death on the Cross.

If you have never seriously looked at this period of Jesus’ life, you make discover a real breakthrough in your own way of thinking and doing things. Jesus words help us move beyond what we say that we believe, to what we actually do each day. As someone has said, “The promises you make don’t say much about you; the promises you keep, say everything!”

Learning to be more consistent with things that really matter is sure to bring the best life possible each day. If you are in town this weekend and can join us in one of our services this series will help. Jesus words may be just the breakthrough you have been searching for as school begins and our life is full.

This weekend we’ll share what Jesus said about building and running a great team. All of us are either on a team or lead a team of some sort. A team is a few people who share a common vision. It might be your local church, immediate family, soccer team, or the brass section in the High School marching band. Whatever teams we are consistently engaging in everyday life, Jesus’ words are sure to bring fresh insight.

Hoping to see you and say hello at Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Continue to invite those around you who are curious about things Jesus shared with followers and people like us.

Help others discover the better life.

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