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Gone in 60 seconds

Like a street rod race in LA, your car may not be fast enough to always win. In a similar fashion, our human effort to withstand some storms of life are not enough. This weekend, as tropical storm Harvey approaches the Texas coastline, residents are being urged to prepare for the worst. The storm could easily become a hurricane when it reaches landfall and wreck havoc on homes and businesses.

This is life. We work hard for years and years but one storm in a few minutes can take it all apart. A marriage you’ve been struggling to improve and straighten up can all be ended abruptly by failure of trust. A job you’ve taken pride in performing for years can be lost to changes in the corporate world. Our health that has always been dependable may suddenly turn bleak with an unexpected diagnosis.

This weekend is part two in our current series, Breakthrough, taken from the Gospel of Mark. We’ll discover and share a few helpful insights that may help us sustain our efforts, even through the storms to come.

From Mark chapter four Jesus tells his followers that growing anything good, rebuilding from devastation, takes time. In a world where instant solutions are always preferred, this is like throwback Thursday. Jesus said on the night before His betrayal and crucifixion that the work ahead would get harder before it got better. In time, we find our faith and courage to move forward.

Most of us have no idea how bad a life storm can be until it is us .We try to prepare like residents in Houston putting out sandbags. All our human preparation does help minimize the damage. However, some storms are not going to be held back. When fierce storms like that happen we need God and each other.

Here’s the set up for this weekend. Don’t expect instant success. To grow anything good, takes time. If your marriage needs work, it will take a lot of time. If your finances are never enough, it will take time to get debt free. Whatever life storm has wiped you out personally or emotionally, it will take some time with a few other friends to rebuild your hope and confidence. Hang on; you will get through this.

The Good News in the Bible is that our losses aren’t permanent. God is our good good Father and the process of recovery and building something new, better, and stronger is possible. Join us in one of our Journey services this weekend, if you can. Follow online Sunday with our live stream on Facebook. Or you can catch this lesson later on our website.

We’re in this together.

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