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May I ask you a question? I don't want to offend or sound judging at all. Reading a chapter for our small group at Starbucks cause me to consider this question for myself. Here it is: “Do strangers and people who first meet you find you interesting?”

According to the Management experts and authors I am reading about, they identify self-control as the primary distinguishing characteristic of corporate leaders who succeed in turbulent times. How does one define self-control? Author Dallas Willard defines self-control as “the steady capacity to direct yourself to accomplish what you have chosen or decided to do and be, even though you don’t feel like it.”

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc in Houston for a week and storms still brewing along the coast line, I have been thinking about how I might react if it were my home and family threatened. We all face daily crises and challenges wherever we live. Where do you tend to lack confidence in your ability to exercise self-control? What factors make it especially difficult for you?

The promise of Scripture is that God is working in you (Philippians 2:13). He is on it right now, helping us to conquer whatever the storm. So, when we find ourselves inadequate to resist the “I don’t feel like it” impulse we can turn to Him. What’s your story? Whatever crisis you are in or coming out of God is enough to see us through it all. It’s His forever promise (Matthew 28:20).

This weekend our Journey worship will take another look into words Jesus left for us to think about and apply in the Gospel of Mark. Our series, Breakthrough, can be just the encouragement you are needing to not lose hope. You don’t have to live in Houston facing Hurricane Harvey to feel as though it’s over.

Every day has its challenges and pretty soon we all just seem to be tested; wanting to just give in and stop trying. During those crucial moments when waters are still rising around us, a friend can help us renew our strength.

Journey wants to be your friend. I hope you can join us for one of the weekend services or follow along on our Sunday live stream on Facebook. If none of these fit your busy schedule, you can find this posted each Thursday on our Journey website. If you find any of our thoughts helpful and encouraging, you might want to download our Journey app and make these Bible lessons for a better mobile where you go.

Blessing to you in Houston, and may God send resources and strong arms to help in the cleanup. You will get through this. God has promised. Believe God more. Trust God more. Follow God more. More God just makes more sense in turbulent times.

As another author said, STAY CALM AND CARRY ON! Be interesting. Then tell others how you do it! Go God!

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