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What else can a person do? After a violent and destructive storm arrives in your life or your town you have to pick up the pieces. The Coastal areas of Texas and Florida are busy at work cleaning up and doing damage control. Power is still out in places in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. Some areas of Florida will also be without power for another week or so.

Where does a person go during times like this? Where do you look for additional strength? What should we do? This weekend is another look inside the Bible at Jesus’ words that can bring anyone Breakthrough. Mark chapter six describes God as a good Father. He lavishes provisions for us, often from unexpected places. He frequently gives each of us better than we deserve. God is a good good Father.

I am grateful for what FEMA is able to do during disasters helping communities recover. I am proud of first responders and neighbors who are there to lend a hand before government assistance arrives. Families and strangers come together to lend a hand whenever people need help. All of these timely resources matter in the recovery and rebuilding of our lives.

One resource that trumps every human effort in our relief each day is our God and Father, the Creator of heaven and earth. If you have a window of opportunity this weekend for an hour to gather and worship with others at Journey, I promise we’ll not waste your time. Where we get our information is vital; is it credible or fake news?

When it comes to the nature of God whom do you trust? At Journey, we look directly to the Bible. We believe it is the infallible Word of God for all of us, for all time. No matter what is trending news today, we believe every Word in the Bible has been inspired and written down as a roadmap for life. This Truth is not beyond your reach to read and understand.

I promise if you check things out in one of our weekend services you will find our message helpful and relevant. You can do this; just like Google maps it takes a little practice. Once you get the hang of using the Bible to find your answers for Truth you may wonder what took you so long?

When you fully realize in moments of desperation that God is for you, not against you, this becomes a breakthrough you’ve needed to hear. If you been blown off course a bit by life’s storms, this might be a great weekend to navigate your way back to worship.

God is good.

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