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What's Inside?

I have my favorite coffee cups in the cabinet. I am especially fond of the Starbucks mug I got in Hawaii. It brings back wonderful memories of the trip to paradise Connie and I were able to make a few years ago. How about you? I bet you also have favorite mugs or dishes you often reach for with fond memories.

This weekend we're sharing episode two from our short series from Philippians, titled Comeback. The Apostle Paul wrote this short letter to the Church in Phillipi while his own life was under a lot of stress. He frequently spoke of not letting your situation or circumstance take away your everyday walk-around joy from knowing Jesus in a personal relationship. That can be a really big assignment, but God promises He is always bigger than our problems. We learn to trust God more.

This weekend, I am setting up my message with a short video that is titled, “Life is like a cup of coffee.” The point of this video illustration is to prompt our thoughts toward viewing the process and ingredients of the coffee inside the cup as far more valuable than whatever container it is poured into.

The take-away from this brief thought about coffee is that people come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and materials, just like a coffee cup. Some people are extremely popular, gifted, powerful and successful, while others may be unknown faces in the masses all around.

The Bible confirms that what’s on the outside does not make the person more valuable - like coffee in a cup. Whether you pour coffee in an expensive container, or a simple Styrofoam throwaway cup - it’s the coffee inside that brings the real flavor, aroma, and smell of the coffee bean itself.

There is nothing wrong with having favorites; we all do that. But we should never treat people in a distasteful manner just because of their outward appearance. The poorest dressed person in the room could have the richest, most flavorful and passionate heart and flavor for God and people.

Jesus taught us to look at what’s inside the cup, not the outside. (Mt 23:25). The best cup of Joe and the best hearts for Jesus are not always discovered in our own cabinet or neighborhood. Give God a chance to show you the value in the ingredients and process of your morning brew and the people you meet everywhere.

See you on the weekend. INVITE someone to join in. Tell them the smiles and coffee are FREE.

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