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For several months I have been treating my eye for a blocked tear duct. I have had some success but after several visits to the eye doctor I am once again taking a round of antibiotics. This is not really a big deal compared to many things that could be wrong. It is however pretty annoying not being able to clear this up.

This weekend at Journey we’ll take another look in the Bible at the life of Moses who was in seasons of change. Last week we discovered these seasons in life of waiting can leave us wondering what to do? If you missed that lesson it is on our website along with other message series you may find helpful. Check them out here:

This weekend we’re going to find that after a season of waiting can come a season of feeling wounded by situations in life. If this has ever happened to you and you’ve recovered now, maybe you’re ready to help someone else. If you have ever felt this wounded-ness in your life you’re surely aware how this infection can seep out into other healthy areas of your life.

The weird thing about being sick even temporarily, pretty soon the ill effect of our sickness starts to impact our ability to do regular every day tasks. My blocked tear duct is not a life threatening illness but it has taken up more time than I wanted to give to this treatment. Isn’t that exactly like wounds in life? We thought it would clear up sooner than this. We were sure this would only be temporary and the next thing you know it has been months or years and you are still fighting off some type of sickness.

Join us this weekend and bring a guest. We’ll identify a few things in the life of Moses that may be a real help to you and others. Maybe you’ve already heard everything there is about the story of Moses in the Bible. Just like my second round of antibiotics sometimes we need a double does and some follow time. if you have felt sad or wounded because of life this lesson can bring some needed health and healing.

God is for everybody. We have to let them know. Invite someone who may have given up on a better version of life. Jesus really can do anything. And He really is for everybody. Hope to see you in one of our weekend Journey gathering times for worship.

And oh, yeh, I think my eye is already looking better.

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