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I'm Stuck

Christmas is just around the corner. Who wouldn’t want to say they spotted Santa stuck in their chimney with a bag full of goodies for all? I am not one to ever put a damper on what might happen at your house this Christmas. Leave out those cookies and milk and see what happens is what I say.

Aren’t you glad for Jesus each Christmas. Jesus makes all our celebrations, big and small, possible each day. If anything good happens in life, it is from Jesus. Through the years I have come to appreciate this Truth more and more. I hope you have also.

God is good - all the time. Not just during the holidays. For many of our friends and family this Bible assurance and promise is beyond their reality. Many people we will meet and make casual acquaintances with are feeling stuck in some type of life situation. Maybe God has let our paths cross in order we may help guide them to a better viewpoint this year.

This weekend is episode 3 in our series, Now, what? We are checking out the amazing story of Moses in the Bible; who also felt stuck in seasons of change. Everyone has a story and for many of us it just feels like we are wasting time waiting for a better story. Our life feels we’re stuck in this no-pay job, hardship marriage, or chronic health problem.

People grow weary of being sick and being misunderstood; it feels like we’re stuck in a movie set from “Groundhog Day,” living it over and over each morning. Is this all there is, we may ask?

If you or someone you know is feeling stuck as the holidays approach I invite you to join us this weekend at Journey. You can come inside and we’ll share some love all around with handshakes and smiles. If you are out of town or under the weather you can engage with us through our Sunday morning FB live stream or Tuesday audio podcast of the message.

We are in this together; God understands what it feels like to be stuck in a time and place we wish were different. Come on inside this weekend at Journey; help someone else arrive and sit with you. No one should have to sit alone. Even at Church people can feel alone. Be a friend who helps others arrive. Jesus would

See you either Saturday @6pm or Sunday@10:30am. Let’s help people break loose who are stuck; help them with some Jesus love. God is a good good Father. He is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

Come on in….. we’ll sit together.

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