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Ready For Good Changes

Change is inevitable, nothing stays the same; life is never static. Things each day are always up in the air. Every morning when we are turning on the local and world news something unexpected has happened overnight. Just like the changing weather patterns, sometimes rain, snow, or sunshine, God’s plan for everyone is built around frequent change.

This weekend we wrap up our current series from Exodus in the Bible, titled Now what? We’ve discovered or been reminded that people in the Bible were people just like us. Changes in life are impossible to predict or control. Moses is the character we’ve used for context in our every day life. Moses encountered changes he welcomed while other changes were extremely painful.

This week in the final episode Moses is finally accepting of the changes God has guided and allowed in his life. Rather than debate or struggle against God when change happens could there be a better approach for everyone. In this final lesson we’ll talk about a couple things we can point out from Moses’ experience that might be very helpful for people today.

No one can freeze the frame and just keep our good days to replay over an over. So, what other options are there? Here is a spoiler alert and a couple lines from the weekend message outline - 1 – Why do people seem to dislike change? 2 – How should we explore healthy change?

I hope your week has been productive and your health is good. I must confess my cold is still lingering from Thanksgiving Day. I am still feeling the ill effects from catching some germs somewhere. One thing about being under the weather a bit, it gives a person a new perspective for those who have long-term illness they deal with constantly. Blessings to you each day!

Join us in one of our weekend services. You can try Saturday @6pm or Sunday @10:30am. Bring a guest to join you as we wrap up the current series and prepare for the month of December. Thank you for responding to our Thanksgiving backpacks and Christmas gifts for others. Every day in December we’re going to bless people with gifts of generosity because of you.

Thank you for everything you do at Journey to help new people deal with difficult change. You are a blessing to others and welcome change in our world each day.

See you this weekend as we welcome in the month of December. Go God!

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