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Do Hard Stuff...

My friend is a coffee barista behind the counter at a local coffee shop. Some time ago while enjoying my beverage I noticed how hectic things were becoming inside and outside the store. Maybe as a result of some new employees, customers began stacking up inside. The drive through also was experiencing a slowdown.

After the high traffic period seemed to ease a bit I had a chance to complement my friend, saying, “Shift managers have a pretty tough job.” My friend aptly replied, “If it were easy everyone would do it.” I thought my coffee barista was spot on about management and leadership jobs at high stress locations; not everyone can do this job well.

This weekend at Journey worship we’ll answer a vital question: What does God really want from me? Have you thought about that before? If you go to work every day you’re aware employees need a clear understanding of what is being asked of them at their job each day. Whether in management or on the assembly line a clear job description is helpful to the team.

In a similar way the Bible wants every Jesus follower and disciple to be aware, doing things the right way is not an easy path to follow. Jesus’ way requires a commitment to Do Hard Stuff. As my coffee barista friend said, “If it were easy, everyone would do it!”

This weekend we begin with a basic question Jesus presented to interested followers: Do you have a heart for people far from God? If you were able to respond, “yes,” another probing Jesus question follows the first: Why would you care what other people think?

In a culture that likes to keep their options open, Jesus wants every serious follower to understand, first, we’ll have to consider His questions.

Serving the public a coffee beverage during rush hour is not an easy job. I am glad someone is willing to make a commitment and serve my favorite drinks. If you are a volunteer on a team at Journey thank you for serving others.

It’s never an easy job giving your time, talent, and treasure to help others discover Jesus is for everybody. I’m sure glad someone… did the hard stuff…. long ago and helped me discover Jesus.

Invite a friend this Christmas season to be your guest in worship; make it one of your most important priorities. Do hard stuff.

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