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4 Days in....

Well, we’re all of four days into the New Year, 2018. How are things going for you so far? Yesterday, as I left my house I took a picture of the outside temperature registering on my car dashboard. It showed minus six degrees in the coldest spot of my travel to the office. Kentucky, like many other places has not made it above freezing temperatures since before Christmas.

I wonder if I am getting used to it all? I keep layering up with more and more clothing. I am beginning to look like “Ralphie’s little brother, Randy Parker” the swelled up tick from the movie, “The Christmas Story.” Four days into the New Year and I am learning to make a few adjustments to the bitter cold winter. How about you?

Just this morning as I took out the trash to the curb, I thought, wow, it’s not quite so cold today. My car thermometer only registered minus two degrees. Wow, it’s not so bad! Isn’t it true, life has a way of helping us or forcing us to make a few adjustments each day? How are you doing so far in the New Year? God cares and so do we at Journey.

This weekend at Journey worship we begin a four-week series from the Book of James in the Bible. This is going to be a great opportunity for a fresh perspective for everyone already weary from the cold winter weather. The author is Jesus’ half-brother who became a leader in the early Church after Jesus death and resurrection. He shares an insightful perspective for followers of Jesus regarding difficult times of testing and trials, no matter the season or weather outside.

I promise you will find this series very relevant for all of us trying to move into this New Year with hope and a positive attitude. Come inside and share a cup of java from the Journey coffee bar. We’ll turn up the heat and promise to keep you warm from the cold winds outside.

You may have a friend or family who could really use a little encouragement this time of year; we all could. Why not invite them to join you for this series and just see what God might do? Seriously, who doesn’t have a few questions regarding how to best deal with trials and difficult experiences? This series will offer fresh insight and wisdom in moving forward this year.

We’re in this together. Spring is on the way; God says so. Hoping to see you in one of our weekend services at Journey.

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