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Decisions, decisions what am I to choose. Our lives are filled with constant decisions and it can leave us fearful, reckless or maybe even both. Every life is filled constantly with making decisions from early in life. Do I eat that green stuff my parents just stuffed in mouth or wait them out, until the good stuff comes out at dessert time?

This weekend we are kicking off another short 4-week series from the Bible. This time we are exploring the letter called Colossians. This letter is from the Apostle Paul while he is under arrest for sharing Jesus' message. It’s a difficult time for him and also for this very young early century Church of believers. Many of the Jesus followers in Colossae were mostly freshmen players on Jesus' team. They were prone to distractions and failure of confidence.

Whether you feel like a freshmen Jesus follower or you’re a veteran for many years, all of us can lose our way in the middle of the game of life. Stuff happens, there are injuries we couldn’t avoid; some plays and players just don’t work out. Life can happen suddenly and every Jesus follower can begin to doubt what he believes.

We are in this together. We say that all the time; we truly mean it. Life can feel something like a TV game show, “Let’s Make A Deal.” Bad things happen to good people. We can be left wondering when we chose to follow Jesus, giving up other desires, did we pick the right Door. If you’ve ever felt this way, welcome to the human race. Life is not an easy button to push and sometimes we get lost along the way, Jesus Way.

2018 is a pivotal year for Journey, maybe for you also. We are asking important questions in our leadership planning. We are committing to new decisions, some of them even a bit scary. Maybe you are going through changes already this year in 2018 and feel the same?

Join us this weekend and bring a guest as this new series, MY BEST LIFE, may help us discover together some Biblical support we all could use this time of year. I promise this will be relevant and practical in a way that your time invested at Journey worship weekend is not wasted.

Why not give this brand new series a try this year? Jesus really is the only Door to our better future.

Let’s do this. Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Join us online Sunday for FB live stream. All our messages are posted with audio on our website each Tuesday.

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