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"Take a chance"

What do Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Michael Jordan all have in common? All three failed numerous times at personal goals before finally achieving success. No one remembers their repeated attempts to succeed any longer, only their successes.

Many, if not most famous people of history have long episodes of shaky periods of self-doubt and disappointment. This is probably true of most all people, not just famous people. Reaching important goals and climbing heights difficult to reach takes years of practice, Doing hard things is never easy; that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do them. Just saying.

This weekend we wrap up a four-week series that leads us into Easter weekend. I have been praying and speaking about inviting guests. It is not easy sticking our neck out to invite a friend or new acquaintance to join us for Easter. What if they think we’re weird or pushy? Besides, there are so many stories of people who’ve had bad experiences in Church. What if something unexpected causes our guest to have another bad experience? They may never try Church again. Just saying.

This final lesson from our series, Momentum, helps us explore how denominational differences have kept people apart who love Jesus, but are not sure how to love each other. I say this all the time at Journey, “We’re in this together.” It’s a strategic statement that supports our mission, “Helping people who don’t go to Church, feel they might want to belong to Church at a place like Journey.”

God really is for everybody. We have to tell everybody. We have to tell even the people who never go to any Church; or tried Church and didn’t like it. You might be surprised to learn people sometimes consider looking for a different denomination entirely than what they grew up attending.

Join us this weekend and invite a guest. You’ll have a practice run at making the invite the next week for Easter. Maybe ask someone who has attended a Church in the past but hasn’t been engaged anywhere lately. Why not be direct and transparent; tell them if Journey isn’t for them, it’s ok. No harm, no foul. Jesus loves them anyway.

Take a chance, it could really pay off; we’re all shaped by God. Most times it is more effective when we’re together. Hope to see you at Journey weekend in one of our services. Give us a hand if you can and try that Saturday service @6pm. We’re trying to grow a bit more of an audience for some more energy. Just saying.

See you soon. God can do anything.

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