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"Just be sincere..."

BLOGSPOT – 12 April 2018 - “Just be sincere”

My inbox always has email to read and respond in kind these days. The amount of information we indulge on a daily basis is pretty bloated. We can get filled to the brim with text messages, phone calls, real time conversations, emergencies to be handled, which leads to more messaging and follow up. We are all doing more than is healthy at times keeping this busy pace.

This weekend is part three in our Easter series, TRUE-ish, which began on Easter. The premise behind this four week series is how is a person to keep their sanity when navigating a world where everyone has strong opinions about what matters, what is relevant, and even what is true. The Bible is black and white but we live in a chalky gray kind of culture where people are uncertain what to think and believe.

Many are not even certain about Jesus and the Church He died for. We gave away gift books from the author Lee Strobel, a one time, avowed atheist investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. The newspaper gave him the assignment to prove that Easter and the message of Jesus' resurrection was a hoax. He was paid a salary to write the story but after months of research, he determined it was true.

Week one, Easter Sunday we explored Pilate's infamous words at Jesus' arrest, “ What is Truth.” Last weekend we shared a message that sounds like it might be true, “As long as you are happy.” The third episode of the series, this weekend follows another common feeling many people have, “As long as you're sincere.”

If you are a doubter or a skeptic about knowing absolute Truth and trusting completely the Bible to be inspired by God, it's OK. My advice is that you give some time to research the evidence and keep an open mind about what is Truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” John14:6. Even if you're not sure what that means for you, it's OK. I only ask you to keep searching for what you truly believe is the Truth.

This weekend's message regarding sincerity is enough to stimulate some thoughts regarding our decision making process. Invite friends and meet them at Journey weekend. Let them know you are still learning also. Try our smaller service Sat. @ 6:00pm and help us grow the energy in that gathering with a few more people. Or if you prefer the Sun. @ 10:30am with a coffee in your hand just come on in and bring a morning guest.

A big shout out to our Journey volunteers who show up each week to prepare for guests and make sure everyone feels welcome. We want Journey to be a place people want to come back to many times. Volunteers help us do that by giving of themselves for others who are just arriving.

I love this place. I think new people will also when you invite them to join you. See you in one of our worship gatherings as we take a closer look at Jesus' words.

And oh yeh, if you want to catch any of these lessons you missed, they are on our website for you later.

God is good. BobbyD

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