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"I am not a robot"

Probably you have ordered something online and while completing the transaction the security question asked you to confirm, “I am not a robot.” There can be confusion on our order or online search for information is legit. Who would have ever imagined thirty years ago a key security question in personal transactions would be, self-identifying, we are human.

The world has grown smarter through technology. Smart phones were only the beginning. Technology is now making it possible for artificial intelligence to perform almost every human task. Robots are being used in many types of industry around the world. The blurring of human and artificial interaction complicates some of our basic human needs for communication.

Sometimes we just want to speak to a real person, rather than being routed halfway around the world, or searching an imaginary cloud for our account information. There is often a breakdown in customer service just because the automated answering service really doesn’t care we are having a bad day and need help.

This blog is not intended to debate customer service and automated calls. But it does help me introduce the final message this weekend at Journey. We wrap up the current series, Valued.

looking at the story of a person who was crippled at birth by an accident.

From that moment on they felt unloved, unwanted, unqualified in most situations encountered in their life. Maybe there have been episodes in your life when you felt the same?

People need people. There is no replacement for human interactions. When we struggle to feel wanted and needed by others our personal worth begins to diminish. This series is intended to help all of us realign and recalibrate our true value in the world. Our worth, comes not from what others may say, or have said. Instead our value is from God who created each of us.

Truly, we are all a little different and that is what makes us unique, even quirky at times. Like a snowflake or fingerprint there are no two of us exactly the same. And for sure we’re not some kind of mechanical robot, we are people. Embracing whom God has made us to be in spite of accidents, circumstances, hardships, and life challenges is a story worth telling.

I hope you will join us this weekend as I share a story from the Bible of a person just like any of us. He was not a robot. He needed God and he needed others to help him occasionally; those who represented God in his life. If you’ve ever felt second class or undeserving in any way this last lesson will bring you a sense of renewed value.

Invite a Journey guest to join us. This is a place where people will treat you like a real person, and not a robot.

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