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This weekend our summer series titled Miracles, begins at Journey weekend worship. If your life is hectic and busy I invite you to step inside Journey and join us, either Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. If you’ve ever felt you were in the middle of a storm that is making your life crazy, this series may help. We’re in this together.

What you can expect in this series is a practical look inside the Bible at real life situations where God wrestled with demons, death, and stormy weather. God is bigger than any unwelcome storm that creeps onto our radar screen to threaten peace and life. Even if you’ve been a skeptic most of your life regarding miracles in the Bible or miracles today this series may prompt some new answers to your questions.

I have been reading a book titled, “The Case for Miracles, by author, Lee Strobel. He is a New York Times bestselling author who once was an agnostic unbeliever working for the Chicago Tribune as investigative reporter. He spent over a year hoping to disprove and discredit the entire Bible and story of God. Upon closer examination he found himself being pulled into the direction of a personal faith in Jesus. He now speaks and travels about his journey to believe.

If you have a skeptic friend would you pray and consider inviting them to join in this short four week series? I believe God will use the Bible and our research to help all of us more clearly understand God’s plan, process, and purpose for miracles in the world today.

God wants to engage each of us. He is constantly coaxing and urging us to move closer to Him. Remember, when our life is going through a stormy season God knows the score and is ready to help. He may choose to either sustain us or change us right now for the better. He may allow a storm to accomplish His purposes for our growth.

Even if you’ve been the worst skeptic in the world, give God a chance. He can and often does produce a different outcome. God is bigger. You are not alone. Your best days can still be in front of you.

Looking forward to seeing you at a Journey worship gathering...

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