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This weekend at Journey we step briefly aside from our current summer series, Miracles. We’ll

return the following weekend with episode 5; looking at Jesus’ first public miracle. The Gospel

of John chapter two records a summer wedding event where Jesus turned water into wine for

the wedding guests. How did He do that? Come next week as we explore the relevant details

of a wedding party about to go bad. Jesus cares about things we care about too.

This coming weekend we are sharing one of those moments that really matter. Journey

Community Christian Church will ordain it’s first elder team in history. Journey will celebrate a

birthday next month (July) of eleven years in existence. It has been and continues to be an

adventure with God who can do anything. I am really excited about this milestone that will

launch permanent Biblical leadership for Journey.

When Journey launched as a Church years ago and met in the local high school auditorium for

a couple years no one expected it would take almost a decade to develop more structure. But

as we like to say around here, “God is seldom early, but He is never late.” This is exactly on

God’s schedule and our ability to develop key leaders inside the Journey family. I hope you will

be able to join us this weekend to share and celebrate this memorable moment.

I have prepared a worship message from Matthew 6:9. This is the text where Jesus describes

the Lord’s Prayer for all leaders. Effective leaders in God’s Church teach, guide, and serve.

They also pray a lot and they understand the dynamic of effective prayer. Leaders must know

where to look for help when leading (look to God). Also they must know what to look for when

modeling leadership traits. (look for God’s traits).

We’ll have our usual weekend worship with music, communion, offering, and message. Similar

to having baptisms at the completion of the worship message, we’ll share the ordination part of

the service at the end. Just as a heads up the ordination part of the service will only be in the

Sunday service.

We hope to have you join us and share your support for this next new thing God is launching in

our Journey family. It is our prayer this moment with God ordaining and installing the model of

Biblical leaders will ignite our impact for God’s kingdom on earth for a hundred years to come.

This is a really big deal for all of us at Journey for generations to come. This is a another vital

God moment. God is good. See you this weekend as once again, we embrace this Journey

and opportunity to grow our faith.

We’re in this together. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

Let’s do this….

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