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Hey, Jesus is better than you’ve heard; way better. Say: “Amen!” This week, after our elder

team ordination and installation last weekend, we return to our summer sermon series. This

weekend is episode 5 from the Gospel of John, titled "Miracles." I hope your summer events

have been great so far. If you are anywhere near Journey this weekend come on inside and

check things out. Lot’s of new things happening.

This weekend from John chapter 2, we’ll explore Jesus’ first public miracle. Of all places, it was at a summer wedding event.

Jesus shows up strong. The wedding hosts were about to find themselves in a really bad moment. Refreshments had all run out and there was no Kroger or Walmart nearby. Jesus replenishes the best wine from water jars filled with water. How did He do that?

Friend, I am not kidding you, God can do anything. Maybe we’ve been told that even if you believe in miracles, there are limits to what can happen. God can do anything and sometimes He really does. The Truth is Jesus in our life is never the wedding crasher some people can make Him out to be. Jesus cares about the things were care about also. This week we explore a wedding that is in trouble until Jesus steps in.

Maybe you are like me and have seen dreams shattered or delayed for years and years. Maybe

you imagined and even prayed for a miracle to happen but nothing changed and you eventually

just went on with your life. I really can’t explain how things work in heaven; no one can on

earth. However, I encourage you to never give up on what God might being doing even when

you can’t see it. In heaven, you’ll be glad you didn’t quit. Say: “Amen!”

This weekend I hope you will join us and bring a guest. Let’s gather together and ask real

questions. Whatever unmet expectations you are dealing with today, God cares. He is ready to

listen to our concerns. He knows how we feel and He really wants to help. Maybe there is a

miracle of sorts that you could share with someone else who has been a skeptic or is down on

the whole Church scene. Maybe your words can inspire someone else about to give up on God

and the Church.

What has God done in your life recently that others need to know about? Let’s try to set the

record straight again. Tell someone Jesus really is better than they may have heard. God can

(and often does) make things better before they get worse. If you haven’t yet received the

miracle you waited for, true God more; It’s not over.

Guide someone else to look to Jesus for solutions to life’s biggest hurdles. He really does care

about the things that keep us awake at night. God is a good, good Father for everyone.

Say: “Better!”

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