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It's a Blur

Wherever you are right now, think about this. Half the year is now gone. We are full blown into

our summer break. School will resume in about a month. Our summer sermon series has been

a blur. Miracles wraps up this weekend. This final episode is about our ability to see things

correctly. To see the things God can do; even things which seem impossible.

Sometimes better vision is not just about having the right glasses or contacts. Sometimes we

need a larger, more visible picture of God in the Bible. This weekend from John 9 we’ll explore

what God wants us to see when our life gets blurry. We’ll discover there can be obstacles in

our way; sometimes causing blind spots. God really can do anything and sometimes He does

the impossible.

Do you believe in Miracles? You can catch up any of the series you missed on our Journey

app or website. Week number one we shared Jesus calmed the storm. Week two Jesus cast

out an evil spirit. Week three Jesus healed a cripple man lame for 38 years. Week four Jesus

raised Lazarus from the dead. Week five Jesus turned water into wine. This weekend, week six, Jesus opens a blind man’s eyes. It’s a Miracle.

For many people today they are not clear about unscientific things in the Bible. Some of us

who go to Church may struggle balancing faith and fact and Miracles today. Hey, it’s ok to not

be ok. Just keep looking for your answers. Even the people who were with Jesus in the Bible

weren’t sure what to make of Jesus and His Miracles.

For many, they just couldn’t see it for themselves. They couldn’t recognize God demonstrating

His power through Jesus right there in front of their eyes. As they say, “If it had been a snake it

would have bit them.” It was too much for them to accept. What is it that you have a hard time

believing? Do you want to get better at faith? Just be open to learning more, seeing better.

God is for the doubters of His day and skeptics of tomorrow. Hey, maybe Church let you down

in the past. Maybe you feel like you’re “snake bit” and not ever going back inside. Come on,

we’re in this thing together. Everyone makes mistakes. No one gets it right all the time. God is

for you, not against you.

If only we’ll give God another try. What’s to lose in that besides a little sleep this weekend. If we

let God show us more, our sight can improve quickly; our faith can grow fast. Ask a friend to

join you this weekend at a Church giving free “eye exams.” How crazy is that?

Tell others Jesus’ Church is the sort of place where people hang out when real life things have

gotten blurry and unclear.

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