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Alternative Endings...

When I say this, I imagine it has happened to you also? Have you finished a book or movie and wondered, what if the story ended differently? Sometimes movies have trailers with more than one ending available. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do a rewrite of the script of our life and make it come out better. Turns out, we really can.

This weekend is part two in our current summer series, My Story. We are looking at a few of the classics in the Bible; how their story was written and then rewritten with God’s help. Last week was the story of Daniel, in a fiery furnace and Lion’s Den. If you were away and missed this exciting story of intrigue and suspense you can read still view this message on our website and Journey mobile app.

We are focusing on four words with this Bible lesson series. In order to write a better story with a better ending we’re learning about things to Start, Stop, Stay, and Go. This weekend the Bible story focuses on the life of Moses. He became a great leader in the Bible leading over a million people to the edge of the Promised Land. However, a story within the story of Moses was a critical moment when he had to Stop doing some things, in order to let God write a better ending.

If you are like me on days we’re away from work and duties, you have a list of things you want to accomplish. Frequently, I have grown too large a list to accomplish in just one day. It is hard not doing some things on this list. We often say at Journey, People like us can do anything, but no one can do everything. In order to have a life story we are proud to tell others, we mustSTOP doing some things not helpful to our future story God wants to write.

If you are in town this weekend recovering from your summer travels and vacation I invite you to consider joining us in one of our weekend worship gathering times. If you really want to make an impact this summer at Journey consider attending our Saturday@6pm service for a period.

Our Saturday audience is much smaller than the Sunday @10:30am experience. A smaller gathering of people loses the natural energy and enthusiasm of a crowded, filled to capacity room. Your being in the Journey weekend audience really does increase the excitement for everyone.

Looking forward to sharing a new Bible outline from the life of Moses. This talk s sure to be relevant for everyone feeling a bit overwhelmed by their summer events. I hope you can carve out a little time this weekend to join us at Journey. Maybe even bring a guest to the kind of place everyone feels they belong.

We’re in this together. With a little coaching and guidance we can all begin work on our STOPdoing list; and be proud to write a better ending to the story.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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