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Bobby's Thursday Blog


As normal, I arrived early at the Starbucks location for our Tuesday night small group table

discussion. We have a book we read and discuss together with a few guys. I started going over

the chapter and noticed a young lady in a wheelchair come inside the coffee shop. She was

hesitant not sure where to locate. The designated handicap table was taken by a gentleman

reading the newspaper. He seemed unaware this person needed a space for her chair.

I was sitting at the large table for group discussion and decided to move into action, offering

some assistance. I pointed to the space at the empty end of the table and began clearing away

the clutter of chairs, offering to park the wheelchair at the end. She acknowledged my gesture

and pulled into the table. I followed up by retrieving her beverage at the counter when her

name was called. This tiny effort on my part for a person with a physical limitation instantly

opened up an engaging conversation between two total strangers in the coffee shop.

I introduced myself and she gave me her name. After several cordial, “Thank you for helping,”

exchanges, my new friend stated her injuries came from a serious accident while racing

MotoCross bikes. By this tine our regular guys had arrived at the table for our book discussion

and each guy introduced himself to our guest table mate. She offered to move, as the smaller

table had now opened up; we insisted she was welcome to sit at our table. She chose to stay

with the guys.

It turned out to be a great evening. We seemed to find greater motivation in our discussion

together, speaking clearly how Jesus was real and for everybody, everywhere. Our text was

John 3 and the story of Nicodemus who unexpectedly began to follow Jesus. You might want

to read this chapter in the Bible yourself to refresh what happened. Jesus stuns people all the

time with His love.

Our Tuesday evening guest at the coffee shop was working on her laptop silently with

headphones as the guys shared thoughts and insights. At the end of the hour long session she

removed the headphones and thanked everyone for letting her sit with us and “listen in” on our

table talk. She was still working on assignments but informed us she had listened to our

comments at the same time. She seemed to value our public sharing of perspective regarding

Jesus’ mission and ministry to all people. It was pretty helpful I think to all of us. Good things

happen in small group discussion. Try one for yourself.

This weekend we wrap up the current summer end of summer series, "MY Story." We explore

the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible. They chose to GO when STAYING would have

been easier. The decisions we make today will write the stories we tell tomorrow. Sometimes

you have to GO across the room to make a new friend at a coffee shop. Other times you may

have to GO across the world. IN either case, when you GO where God leads, you’ll find a great story worth sharing.

See you in one of our Journey services this weekend. LET’S GO.

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