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Life has plenty of heartburn. In spite of modern medicine, endless information, and unlimited

resources, our lives are often stress filled. Traffic is slowed or rerouted while appointments are

certain to be late or missed all-together. Our car is in the shop creating an alternate mode of

travel for the day, all the while needed repairs keep adding up.

My roof still leaks, my dog is sick, the kids missed their bus, and no one can find the other

shoe that matches. As summer vacation winds down and public schools open their doors to

students this week our best efforts to get things done, seems never enough. It’s takes bravery

and strength to not throw in the towel and just give up.

Whether grocery shopping, going to work or trying to fix a meal for a family, our life gets

complicated in a hurry. Our schedules are full beyond measure and margins for error are so

small the smallest event may be the tipping point to another disappointing day.

This weekend is our after-summer series, MORE, from the book of Ezra in the Old Testament.

This four-week series will answer this question: “Is God really enough?” We’ll consider these

four relevant areas, When God is MORE than enough in life: 1. When trying to start over, 2.

When in a difficult stage of life, 3. When searching for the secret of life, 4. When needing a do-over called grace.

Maybe history has been kind to you, or maybe not? If life has left it’s mark and you’re ready for

a little help and guidance; a healing lotion and soothing balm is available from these Bible

Truths for everyone. I hope you will join us in one of our weekend gathering services, Saturday

@ 6pm or Sunday @10:30am. Bring a guest and introduce them to what Journey Community

Christian Church is all about.

Even the most optimistic person can get nicked and wounded, left wondering, what just

happened? What went wrong? This weekend in lesson #1 we’ll share ideas and thoughts on

being brave in the face of life difficulties. I promise you will find traction and

encouragement from this weekend.

MORE…. God is MORE…. than enough….

Bobby D

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