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Under Construction

It seems like almost every city and county in America is repairing roadways this summer. Have

you noticed all the pothole repair and lanes that are being widened? There are detour signs

everywhere. Good luck if you are hoping Siri and Google maps have current information.

I live five miles out in a small rural community with Amish buggies, hayfields and lots of cows.

Even here, there is a road construction project going on for months, straitening a curve and

building a new bridge. I have had to use an longer alternate route to drive home of late

because of the mud and dirt and large equipment at work on the small county road.

It is a sign of progress and work to improve things but it can be a hassle. Even airports of late are seemingly expanding, all at the same time. Signs are posted around gate areas, “Pardon

the mess.” This could easily describe almost every Church which is growing and developing

strategy for the fall. Now that school is back in session we’re scrambling to find our new

“normal” routine for work schedules, bus routes, and mealtime.

We also scramble to find free time to volunteer, serve, and share talents and resources on

Church campuses. Things can get messy sifting through our personal family options for

gathering with others in local Church families. Every family member has a full schedule of fall

events and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a happy balance with school events and

everything else in life.

If you are like most families going back to school right now, this can feel las though my family

life is under construction. We’re looking for the detour signs to safely guide us back home in

the evenings before starting another busy day. If you are already feeling a bit winded and

exasperated from all this fall activity, take a little break this weekend and gather in worship

locations with others feeling the same pressure to do more all the time.

Why not let God bring a fresh breeze into your busy life? He will give you a little extra boost

and smile for the week ahead. This weekend is part two from our back-to-school series,

More. Last week we shared God is more than enough when our life is falling apart; when we

have to be brave. This weekend we’ll

explore God is enough when establishing a “new normal”

after many changes occur. I hope you will schedule and set aside a couple hours this weekend

to regroup and refuel before tackling the week ahead.

Trust God will all the parts of your life; good or bad. He is faithful and trustworthy. God is for us.

Even when we’re still under construction. Hey, isn’t everybody? Nobody gets it right all the

time. Invite a guest to join us at Journey. Let them know this is a place where a few bumps in

the road of life is not the end of the road. Tell them we want to help them get their Jesus story

started or restarted. Jesus really is for everybody. We have to tell everybody. Not everybody


Maybe we should all wear a name tag: “Pardon the mess.” Tell someone today God can do

anything. In anyone’s life. He is more than enough.

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