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Turn Around, Don't Drown

This morning I had to turn around. It’s not raining at the moment but a tractor trailer truck was

stuck crossways in the main road. No one could get through. I had to drive back about four

miles where I had just left. Even though I lost time in my morning commute to work it was far

better than sitting there moving nowhere.

This weekend at Journey worship gathering we’ll continue our current series, part three, titled

More. We are learning God is more than enough. If you have missed earlier

episodes, the podcasts are on our website and mobile Journey app as well. Just check them

out when it is convenient for you. Social media is a way we can stay engaged and connected

even though when away from weekend services.

If you want a spoiler alert, close your ears or skip this next line. The relevant lesson material

from Ezra in the Bible this weekend is discovering the Secret of Success. It’s really no secret,

God is the real X-factor for everyone in the world. When our life seems to have fallen apart,

when we need a new normal, because past experiences no longer work, where do we come up

with a successful life plan?

Everybody has an opinion, giving advice about almost everything. It can be overwhelming at

times knowing who to follow. Sometimes the answer may be more obvious than we realize.

Like the public service announcement in the title of this article, “Turn around, don’t drown.”

Sometimes common sense and a clear voice is needed during a storms; “Stop now, the water

is rising fast.”

Ezra is a very practical and helpful part of the Bible for all of us today. God wants us to stop

running from fears and take our stand with Him. He promises to guide and direct our decisions

in the safest journey possible. We learn by faith to trust God more, believe God more, and

follow God more. If God is with us in the beginning of our Journey on earth, He assures us He

is there at the end of the journey also.

If you or someone you know is facing detours in life, moments where a new path is being

charted, join us at Journey weekend. I promise you will never regret slowing down for a

moment, listening to God for your next travel instructions in life. When the road ahead has

been blocked, Slow down, don’t drown!

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