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What did you expect?

If you can remember the first time you checked out a new church location, can you recall what

you were hoping to find? How did it work it work out? Many people after a bad experience at a

restaurant or hotel would never go back again. If you had an unpleasant experience at a church

would you give them another chance?

This weekend at Journey we wrap up our final Summer outline from Book of Ezra in the Bible.

We’ve called this series, More… God is more than enough! Whatever you need to

Start Over, whatever Stage of life, whatever Success in life you hope for…God is truly enough

for everyone. This final episode we discover God is enough… when needing grace.

Aren’t you glad that God never gives up on us. And that He always offers everyone a chance toget things straightened out. Aren’t you glad that God, unlike us many times doesn’t hold a

grudge? He tells us our human mistakes, like accidents, unexpected fender benders are no big

thing because of Jesus and His grace!

This weekend is our final summer holiday on the calendar. If you are lucky enough to travel and

enjoy great things with friends and family enjoy it all. Keep this perspective in mind, “If anything

good happens in life, it’s from Jesus.” Say, “Amen!”

Hey, here’s an idea. You may even want to consider watching our FB livestream or catch the

podcast on website later in the day. I remember being in a hotel one Sunday morning in

California without transportation to a local Church gathering. I watched the streaming church

service online from the hotel and enjoyed my worship time in a different way. Just a suggestion

if your weekend is packed full with travel.

If you are in town this weekend I hope you will join us and maybe consider a guest INVITE to

bring along. Maybe you have guests in town who have come to see you? Why not bring them

to one of the Journey services? Let them check things out at a place everyone could feel like

family. Tell them this is a place where grace is given to all.

It’s an exciting time at Journey. People are arriving who find a forever kind of home. Do it again

God. Just say Jesus.

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