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Bobby's Thursday Blog

The Blessed Life

This weekend we are INVITING guests to Journey worship. Journey worship Sat @ 6pm or

Journey worship Sun @ 10:30am. Our INVITES are coinciding with National Back-to-Church

Sunday, September 16th. At Journey we wanted to get started this week with INVITES as we

begin a new series, the BLESSED life.

Over the next four weeks we’ll explore some of Jesus’ words and stories regarding giving

through the prism of generosity. This series will help all of us review and renew the way we view time, talent and treasure. This series comes with a guarantee. This series will change how

we think about life possessions. Jesus’ words in the Bible regarding generosity will challenge

our view of wealth and how we trust God.

This could be the most significant life-changing series we share in 2018. The real key to a

blessed life is a heart of generosity. Jesus once said, “It is more blessed to give than receive”

(Acts 20:35 NLT). These eight words can form a brand new way of thinking if you give them a


Satan often uses fear to keep us from sharing more; more of ourselves, our time, our talent, our

treasure. We become fearful we’ll not have enough. A life of generosity is one of the basic tests

of faith regarding what we believe about God. Jesus wants to guide us and stretch us to grow

our trust in Him.

If you’re looking for a little peace of mind in your bottom line and everyday life this series can

help. We say this often at Journey gatherings: Trust God more, believe God more, and follow

God more. INVITE a friend or new acquaintance to join us this weekend in either of our

services. Begin a a God conversation before you arrive. Spend a little time together with some

food and let them know this is a place anyone could belong. Tell someone Jesus really is for



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