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Watching You...

My youngest granddaughter turns two in December. She lives in California with our son and his

wife. Long distance travel prohibits frequent trips. However, Connie and I are planning to be

there this year for her 2nd birthday celebration. In between real visits Connie and I try to keep

an eye on her rapid growth and development through media options. Parents with Smart

phones and digital cameras help share weekly photos of daily events. FaceTime with live

interaction helps us see each other and exchange greetings.

My son and his wife are really good about grabbing a great picture and sharing with family and friends those perfect moments. I am sure there are a few, not so perfect moments, we do not

get to see. Nobody is perfect, except Jesus, not even our grandchildren. Moms and dads see

almost everything. It’s part of being a parent, the good and the bad moments in life which


This makes me think about all those moments when God is watching us like a loving heavenly

Father. There are moments which make Him proud and I am sure He is sharing all around

heaven the best picture of the day for angels everywhere. There are also other moments in our

life where our behavior and actions are not quite what God was hoping from us.

This weekend is part two in our current series, the BLESSED life, sharing words and

stories from Jesus ministry on earth. Last weekend, part one was the introduction to the series.

We discovered everyone has one of three mindsets regarding resources. Some have the BAG

mentality and there never seems to be enough; like a hole in the bottom of the bag. Others

have the BASKET viewpoint and God provides more than enough; filling our basket. Still others

have grown to understand it’s a BARN where God has given us more than enough; we are

blessed to share with others from our abundance.

This weekend, part two we’ll explore how our resources are really a TEST from God, our

heavenly Father. Like parents watching their son or daughter grow and develop, God is

watching us. He allows us more freedoms and blessings as we handle them responsibly and


If God seems to be holding back blessings in our life, it could be He wants to know whether

we’ll love and trust money, or love and trust Him? Blessings of resources and options how we

spend our time, talent, and treasure really are a TEST. It’s not easy to say no to more fun and

pleasure for the benefit of God’s larger mission on earth. It is something like trying to explain to

a five year old cotton candy is not as good for you as green beans on your plate.

Only with maturity can any child fully understand why our human freedoms of choice needs a

few limits from our Father above. If you sometimes struggle knowing how to balance

everything in your life, this lesson outline might be helpful for you to consider. I promise it will

be out of the Bible and relevant for all of us. Bring and guest with you.

I am sure they will quickly relate to this human challenge (TEST) of putting the most important

things first each day. Go God. INVITE a friend to sit with you in one of our worship services.

See you there.

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