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Do it again...

When we had small children I would occasionally perform some small trick to fascinate. If it worked, the trick was repeated, again. This often produced happy cries of, “do it again, do it again.” It was fun for all. It can be exhausting for busy parents keeping the game going. In the end, love motivates us to do it again, seeing the joy in someone’s eyes.

This weekend we’ll wrap up our current fall series, the BLESSED life. The key verse in this series was taken from Jesus own words: “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Acts 20:35 NIV. This may be a new way of thinking for you? I challenge you if you are holding the money bag each month and there is never quite enough, trust God on this. Give more away to God first, and then others; more than you can spare, and watch what God can do with the rest.

Our last last lesson from the Bible centers around our heart for serving. All of us would like to volunteer more, but our margins of time are so small. Once again, trust God on this, give away more of your time, serving others, and watch what God can do with the rest. It is also true, it is more blessed to give away your time in serving others, Jesus models this principle for all of us in John Chapter 13. You might want to read this text in the Bible as a refresher before you arrive at one of our worship gathering times this weekend.

What motivates each of us to do it again, and do it again, is the joy we see in the eye’s of others who are blessed when we show we care; volunteering in tangible ways of service.

Here is an immediate opportunity to consider. This Saturday, September 29th, 11:30am-3:00pm you can volunteer to help distribute and share free burgers, hotdogs, and chips in our latest community outreach. You can volunteer an hour to serve others. Give us a call, check out social media or our website if you are needing more details.

Jesus teaches us to have a blessed life you must serve in small areas, sometimes insignificant areas where no one else wants to. I hope you can join us this weekend and put a smile on someone’s face. Remember what it was like to be a kid yourself, having fun for a moment with a parent or grandparent. How about it? How is your heart to serve?

And, I would be rude not to say thanks. If you’ve helped Journey in the past as a volunteer we want to thank you. Journey volunteers are the best. Maybe this weekend INVITE a new guest to join you in one of our gathering times, Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Thank you for whatever level of commitment you have given to God and to people in our community. For the rest of 2018 we’re doing this: 1- Laugh more together 2 - Eat more together - 3 - Be together more to serve.

Let’s do it again!

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