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Don't Drink the Water

You’ve probably seen those TV commercials advertising water filters for your tap water? Gone are the days when people feel safe drinking plain water straight from the municipal water treatment center. Water samples have shown many water supplies have harsh chemicals unseen by the naked eye. Even the filtered and bottled water we purchase as alternatives have issues with purity.

This weekend in part two of the current series, Forgotten Virtues, we’ll explore what the Bible has in mind for our own personal purity in character and actions. Everybody struggles; nobody gets it right all the time. We’re in this thing together. God is for you, not against you. We’re going to give you support and training to defeat whatever holds you back from feeling better and being better each day. God is bigger than our problem.

Together, we’re going to take a peak into areas of life that may give us the most trouble. We’ll make some suggestions found in the Bible that have been tried and true for centuries. All of us are looking for integrity in the water supply; something you can trust for your family. We’re going to read and share some relevant Bible passages which bring new confidence.

If your current lifestyle choices do not line up with God’s standard for purity, what should we do? One thing is to stop drinking the water. If a train derails near your water source, spilling chemicals, it would be foolish to keep drinking that water. What is the the filter we’ll need to run things through in order to clean up some spills or toxins that have been dumped accidentally or even on purpose in our personal life?

God has a filter called the Bible which helps us run everything through His wisdom; He is God and knows everything. I don’t have the training or knowledge to know about my water purity when it all looks the same to me. I have to learn to trust someone who has tested the water and posted the results for me to read and consider.

Pastors and Churches are not the know-it-alls. However, we have been given training and information from the Bible which is infallible. We trust every Word in the Bible is True and inspired by God Himself. Our brain plays tricks on us and will take us hostage. We can begin to tell ourselves, "we know better than the Bible or God." It’s just part of being human. Nobody gets it right all the time.

We need God. One of the reasons is so we can learn how to get along. That was last weeks lesson. Show honor, where honor is deserved. This week another virtue that is a game changer is finding a better water supply to drink from. Not the kind from your faucet but the kind which nourishes your spiritual health. Jesus once said He offers a water source which you can trust every day.

Hoping to see you this weekend in one of our weekend services. If you don’t have a good reason to stay home because of illness or exhaustion, give us a try. Check out Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @10:30am. If you don’t like crowds of people try our Saturday at 6 service which is more of a small group. God shows up whatever size the service.

We have FREE bottled water to share at the Journey coffee bar. I can’t guarantee it’s the best on the market. It is better than tap water they say. On the subject of water, we also have Jesus words which are like living water (John 7:37-38). I can guarantee His words to be the best.

Bring a seat buddy. They might find this topic about water helpful and relevant also. We’re in this together.

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