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Unless your team is playing, you may not even know Major League Baseball still has four teams playing games in late October to determine National League and American League Champions. The winners of those games will face each other in the 2018 World Series. At the same time NBA basketball kicked off their 2018 season with games last night. Numerous National and global sports teams overlap seasons; it is difficult to keep up. We begin to feel sports fatigue.

You think I’m kidding. As I flip through sports channels catching up on weekend scores from the NFL football season in week six of seventeen weeks of professional football, College football and basketball games are being discussed by sports commentators. I’m a big sports fan like many others but it is consuming trying to follow every score. We’re not healthy for lack of sleep in many instances. TV games are on way too late for anyone to get eight hours of restful sleep.

In addition to all these professional sports and college sports teams available to view on your mobile device, this doesn’t even take into account the full slate of local small town sports families are constantly keeping pace with on weekends. It leaves many serious sports fans not knowing who to be loyal with next. We have kids and grandkids in different games, different towns, different times, and numerous other events with full schedules. Trying to do everything is a losing plan.

All this constant activity has an impact on family life, personal life and certainly church life. It can happen to every family; stress levels rise as we become less rested. I recommend the book, “Necessary Endings,” by author Henry Cloud. It will convict you to try pruning some activities from your daily schedule before your life begins to be ill and relationships suffer.

This weekend we’ll look at the virtue of LOYALTY. Are you struggling to be loyal to things which matter most? Who isn’t? We’re in this together. Family, friends, and Church should take center stage but I wonder if they really are making our list each day? Before we begin feeling compromised in this area of priorities what might we consider from never changing solid advice

from God. This current series, Forgotten Virtues, is not intended to make us feel guilty; instead, this can be a time to focus our thoughts which bring new hope.

Join us in one of our weekend services. We offer two services to give people options. We hope this is important for you to find better balance in your life. We’re in this together. If Sunday is packed and you need to sleep in a little later give our Saturday night service your time to explore more from God.

A regular worship gathering may be just what the doctor ordered. Our after Church lunch or dinner may be less exhausting and more rewarding discussion for all. Give it a try. Show God and family your true loyalty. Let’s help each other.

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