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"Please pass me the mashed potatoes." Who hasn’t said that before? Are potatoes and gravy on

your favorite Thanksgiving menu? It's only a few days from now...and I am sure that you, like me,

will be taking a helping of some great food. The funny thing about potatoes is that they are versatile, and come in so many delicious versions.

Maybe you’re a straight up french fry kind of person. You may be grabbing sweet potato fries

at the local restaurant to go with your turkey dinner. Others may prefer the biggest baked

potato possible on your plate with plenty of butter, sour cream and cheese inside. Or if you’re the traditionalist, you probably will reach for another helping of mom’s famous mashed


This weekend we wrap up our current series "Forgotten Virtues." We’ve learned that many virtues like honor, purity, loyalty, and integrity have been overlooked in our every day life. Our world would be a better place for everyone if we might return often to the virtues which God describes for every generation.

This weekend we’ll explore the final virtue, GRATITUDE. Are you a person who remembers to

always say "thank you"? This weekend we’ll discover a Jesus encounter when 9 out of 10

people who received a blessing forgot to say thank you. Being ungrateful is a bad habit to

begin. It’s our duty as Jesus followers to pass along to others virtue we’ve learned together

through the years which really matter. People Matter Most.

Sometimes, we’re so anxious for bigger and better things, we may overlook the good things

already around us. As Thanksgiving approaches in a couple weeks this would be a great time

to do a little review of the things you are grateful about. Join us this weekend in one of our

weekend services at Journey. As always, if you are out and about on Saturday come and join

us in that Journey Saturday service @ 6 PM.

Sunday morning it is going to be cold and chilly. If you decide to join us Sunday morning @ 10:30 AM we’ll have the coffee brewing and meet you with a smile at the Journey front door. Please join us and help us remember together the good things each day. If you have recently struggled with low paying jobs, misunderstandings with neighbors and family, or just a really bad meal last

time you ate out, this lesson can really help us recalibrate and get things back in focus.

Hope to see you in one of our to worship times. Tell me more about your favorite style of

potatoes. I think I like them every way you can fix them. But, oh yeah, those hand whipped

mashed potatoes are pretty hard to beat! God is so good to give us taste buds to enjoy good

food with friends and family. Go God.

Invite others to join us at Journey, where anyone could feel welcome.

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