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Before Moving On...

Ok, most of you are aware I am an avid UK College Basketball fan. Recently the current

basketball team whose roster is filled with promising freshmen opened their season with a

record loss and beat down by Duke, an arch rival. It was not pretty and honestly the game was

over quickly. There was no chance of a competitive contest.

A recurring challenge for every sports team is preparing young, inexperienced players to compete at a higher level. I see a pattern in most every area of life today where young, talented, but inexperienced people are placed in lead roles without more time to develop their skills. In basketball lingo, these young players often turn the ball over repeatedly and make mistakes when pressured by their opponent.

In a similar way I think young adults and young families are often merging into the adult world of decisions; thrust into pressure filled moments without enough opportunities to safely learn and grow new experiences from helpful mentoring. Coach Calipari recently said of his latest group of inexperienced players, “We need more remedial practices before moving on to more

complex game plans.”

Everyone wants their family to succeed; go to college and then get a great job; like talented

college basketball players who desire NBA careers in basketball. Before moving on to our

personal goals, more preparations and training can be valuable. Here is something for you to

consider before the busy holidays ahead.

Check yourself in at our Journey worship gathering this weekend. Two times available - try

Saturday @ 6 PM or Sunday @ 10:30 AM. This short series before the Thanksgiving celebration can be a difference maker in our attitudes around the table. It can be like extra time in the gym to work on things. We will begin a three-week series titled, Modern Family. We’re exploring building blocks for a winning season at home. If it feels like your family is constantly feeling the pressure of life, this series is sure to help.

Bring a guest and tell them we’re going to share some coaching ideas which matter for family

life each day.

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