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No Shortcuts...

It seems in College sports, all incoming freshman arrive at school thinking their talent is enough. They believe their offensive skills are enough to outscore every opponent. Seasoned coaches are confronted with the task of convincing young players to also play defensively in order to have a successful season; good luck with that. Most of us would prefer the short form to fill out, rather than the long form.

If you are a traveler this Thanksgiving holiday, the last thing you want is a detour or lane closure which slows traffic down. Heaven forbid a weather system that delays or cancels our flight. We want the most direct and quickest route to our destination. Even when it comes to families and developing a healthy family, it’s just human nature, we hope things come together, sooner, than later.

The truth of the matter, is that there are no shortcuts to becoming a whole and healthy person. We have to trust God and let Him work things almost constantly (Romans 8:28). Even when we feel behind, insufficient in certain areas of our life, be glad we’re not who we used to be. Our best days are still still in front of us; God is for us, not against us. He is still at work, growing us to be what He has intended. (Philippians 1:6).

Family life faces similar struggles of lurches forward and slippage into past mistakes. It is what it is; no parent/grandparent, footer care giver gets it right all the time. When becoming our best and reaching our full potential. This weekend after Thanksgiving celebrations and Good Friday shopping, join us. We’ll explore part two, from our three week series, Modern Family: Building Blocks for a Healthy Family.

In part one we discovered having the right core curriculum, like the right app on our phone, is essential for guiding everyone to be their best version in life each day. We have a lot of information available in our world; not every app is useful. If you missed this first session and are interested, check out the audio podcast on the Journey app or website

This week in part two, we’ll explore what healthy boundaries for the family might look like. After all your turkey, pumpkin pie, and holiday shopping, join us in one of our weekend worship gatherings. Saturday @ 6 pm or Sunday @10:30 am. I think you will find this series relevant and helpful for your family time.

Remember, don’t open that oven door until mom says the pie is ready! God makes it all possible. God is good. Don’t forget that either around the table talk.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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