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What Really Matters

I want to listen to other people and their story, before I tell them mine. Somehow, I seem to gloss over the pain, inconvenience, or distraction someone else is feeling because I have things going on also. I’m sure you would like to be a better listener also. Everybody has a story; what’s yours?

This morning I pulled into the dealership with a car repair, again. Connie just had her car in the same shop two days ago. After several hours in the waiting room and several hundred dollars for repair, her car is still not running as expected. Our cars are old and have high mileage. The car repairs seem to go on and on like people going through medical tests endlessly. Once you are in the system, it is hard to get out and back on the road. Just saying.

This weekend is final episode of our current series, Modern family: Building Blocks for a Healthy Family. Let’s review: In lesson 1, we discovered the importance of having the best core curriculum possible. Not every app is helpful even if it is free. The best information for a healthy family is simple and direct. Love God and love people. In lesson 2, families need healthy boundaries but don’t over-do-it. And in lesson 3, this weekend, we describe family values which mom and dad model for everyone to learn.

Families today are under the strain and pressure of tight schedules and busy life. No one has time for illness or oversleeping. One small thing in our normal schedule can throw the entire day off for everyone. During those moments families often forget that everyone can be having a bad day. We hear other stories but just gloss over their challenges because our own situation is draining or filled with stress.

Just being honest here, but many of the family disturbances with married life and parenting through the years were impacted even more by our words. To a fault, many times we all desire the last word, rather than the right word.

This weekend we’ll wrap up this series before Christmas with this probing question and challenge: When you come to the end of your life, what would you like your kids, family, and friends to say about you?

We’re in this together. Nobody gets this right all the time. We’re not robots; just people with flaws. Jesus understands our human weakness and is there to help us overcome life and relationships. Join us in one of our weekend services.

Go God.

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