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I was home catching a bite to eat at lunch when the news began sharing a positive story which caught my attention. A lady nicknamed “Smiles,” working in a daycare, walking to work each day was given a car by coworkers and friends. There it was, red ribbon and all with “Smiles” hugging, laughing, and celebrating her wonderful surprise.

This reminded me of Journey and our car give-aways for people who walk to work. We have pulled the same surprise four times at Journey and are wanting to do this again, soon. We often share from the stage, Jesus words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35 NLT. It’s nice to be nice. Jesus says so.

Christmas is a great time to be reminded of this forever Truth. Tis' the season to open doors, buy someone lunch, show your biggest smile, buy two of your favorite things, give one away to a friend, and treat people like you have always wanted to be treated yourself. Show more kindness and spend more time with all kinds of people you’ve known for years, plus those you’ve just met. People Matter Most.

This weekend Journey will host our annual “Dinner & Movie,” event for about fifty nursing home residents who become our guests. We provide transportation, entertainment and our famous Lee’s Chicken with homemade pumpkin pies. Our mission is to love on people who have been in the back of line for most of the year. We bring them right to the the front of the line, treating them as the most important people we know that evening.

It’s nice to be nice; especially with people not getting the special treatment everywhere they go this season. You can help serving, sharing, giving a little extra money in the Tide Jug this weekend. If you have questions how to get involved with al the fun and festive mood we are creating, check with Bryan Martinez. He’s the boss this weekend as Connie and I are traveling and out of town. Show your support to Bryan.

Show your support and make someone’s Christmas happen this weekend at Journey, “Dinner and a Movie.” As Bob Goff says, “I want people to meet you and me and feel like they’ve just met everyone in heaven.” Show people they are loved and accepted in whatever shape, size or age they arrive. It’s just that simple.

Make it your mission to make this weekend 4-6pm someone’s special Christmas memory 2018. Make people smile. Jesus would.

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