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Always Nice

Connie and I are traveling this week, out of town. We are moving through airports and traffic with other Christmas travelers, off to see family and friends. By and large everyone has been helpful and friendly along the way. It really is nice to be nice, especially at Christmas.

Airport terminals, city streets and coffee shops are decorated with cheer; Christmas music plays in the background from a speaker overhead where I am sitting. Shoppers will finish their last minute gifts, all is ready for Christmas. May I be so forward, daring to ask, are you ready for Christmas this year? We’re in this together.

If you are in town this weekend, show your support for Bryan Martinez who is the Journey speaker. Join him in one of our weekend services, Journey Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @10:30 am. Bryan will share the classic Christmas message, “The Christmas Story,” from Luke 2:1-7. Have you imagined lately what a challenge Jesus family had at Christmas? Not everyone was being helpful to Jospeh and Mary the first Christmas. Bryan will help lead and explore some of the forgotten Christmas details.

Our life gets packed full this time of year. It can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and anxious. God knows what that is like. That is why Jesus came; helping us breathe again. Even on the worst days God brings hope, joy and good cheer. Merry Christmas.

Jesus, born in Bethlehem, brings peace on earth; fear not. The truth the angels proclaimed, is still true today, God is with us. You matter to God, everyone does. There really are no insignificant people at Christmas. Immanuel is WITH YOU and me and everyone.

Would you consider inviting family and friends to join you for Journey Christmas 2018 this year? Laugh more, eat more, be together more. Refocus God’s love for you and the world.

We’re in this together. Jesus said so.

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