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Before the Attic

Like a toy box storing cluttered toys from the floor, our Christmas things are now being stored away for another year. Trees, ornaments, lights and bows quickly find their way into boxes and bags; everything safely tucked away in closets and attics until next time. Maybe you’re saying, “Whew, I’m glad that is over!”

Or maybe you’ve thought, "It would be nice, just to linger a bit; you know, before the attic took it all away." This weekend we’ll share our final lesson from the current sermon series, Christmas 2018. This week in Saturday @ 6pm and Sunday @ 10:30am service we are answering this relevant question: If our life ended this year, what is really essential?

Before packing this series away and moving on to 2019, we’ll take a quick review and glance at some of Jesus vital words which guide us into the New Year. What direction can we discover in Matthew chapter seven and Luke chapter six? Together, we’ll look inside the Bible and explore a couple helpful take-aways moving forward into the exciting future with God.

I invite you to join us this weekend and gain fresh encouragement for your life and purpose in the world. Bring a guest and help them consider the God who came to live beside us as a baby in Bethlehem.

A huge shout out to Bryan Martinez who shared two of the messages in this Christmas 2018 series while Connie and I were traveling and away. Bryan presented the Christmas message last weekend and

everyone shared, he did a fantastic job. Way to go Bryan, glad you are on the team. Be sure to let him know we are all blessed to have him and Bridget and Briella. Go God!

Everything seems to go so quickly back into place. I hope you can give a part of your weekend to consider this Christmas 2018 series before it all goes back in the box. I promise, you will find some helpful Jesus words for whatever lies ahead in the New Year 2019. Go God!

Thank you for being a part of the Journey experience in 2018. We’re in this together. God is good. See you this weekend for the final message of the year.

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