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Worthy Goal

You may be one of those people. Those who like to put everything away from the holidays as soon as the ball drops in Times Square. If you are in a fresh start kind of mind today, you are probably considering New Year resolutions, goals, or commitments for 2019. There are plenty of good ways for everyone to make progress in the New Year.

We might decide to eat healthier and exercise more often. Or maybe a goal to be debt free is on your agenda. May I suggest a goal which is also very worthy? What if everyone committed to knowing God better in 2019? I am not referring to merely knowing more information about God; instead what if we grew a deeper relationship with God this year?

How would I even begin? What is my first step? Every diet and budget needs a plan to follow. Getting more engaged and involved with God needs a real plan of action. This weekend we launch our New Year series, "Bigger Jesus = Bigger Life." This is a four-week series from the letter Colossians in the Bible. In this series we’ll discover a pattern of growth that is helpful for every serious or new Jesus follower.

This new series is a great opening plan for the New Year in everyone’s life. Let’s take a look inside the historical record of an early Church family much like Journey Community Christian Church; a gathering of Jesus followers still in stages of their spiritual development.

Eating healthier and losing weight, reducing your debt, will not be easy but it is worth the effort we put forth. At the end of the year as we review our accomplishments,

there may be several moments to celebrate. Growing a deeper relationship with God is also a formative challenge to consider, but completely worth all our energy to go for it.

Moving the needle in 2019 in our relationship with God is a worthy goal. I am committed in my own life. I hope you will join me. I would love to hear from you often, maybe what you are learning and discovering in your every-day walk through the world in 2019. Let’s do this in 2019.

We really are in this together. Let’s do this worthy goal together.

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