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We are in this together. I know how things go. We are counting down the days until? Until what? All of of us are waiting for something to happen. And waiting is really really hard for us to do. Whether you are counting the days until Spring arrives or counting the growth in your savings account, waiting can be a drag.

I was just reading again in the Bible some of those ancient words from the Prophets who had funny names. If you want to be a trend setter this year in naming your child just pick one of the names of the Prophets.

For instance, how about the Prophet Habakkuk? I had to look up the spelling because I wasn’t sure. I’ve never met someone named Habakkuk. Have you? One thing I noticed, he didn’t much like waiting on God. When things were all knotted up and he wanted God to straighten them out, it was hard for him to wait on God. That sounds just like me.

Here are a few of his words I read today. Maybe you find them helpful also.

“I have heard all about you LORD. I am filled with awe by your amazing works. In this time of our deep need, help us again as you did in years gone by. And in your anger, remember your mercy.” Habakkuk 3:2 NLT

I am not a scholar of Old Testament history; it does appear the Prophet of God was counting the days until God took some action on his behalf? If that sounds like a theme in your life it probably is for all of us. God isn’t moved to action by things we may understand. He is God.

This weekend is part two in our first series of 2019, Bigger Jesus = Bigger Life. If you have ever had an illness, confined to a bed for a long period, waiting to be free again, this experience can be almost too much to bear. We count the days until the doctor says we are able to return to our normal life.

We’re all people. Everyone has a sense of freedom. A young child wants out of time out and an elderly person wants to keep their drivers license; we want freedom. Whatever in life seems to take us hostage or captive we have a natural instinct to dig our way to freedom.

In the short letter of Colossians we read of early Jesus followers who were at risk being taken captive by some good intended people; but misguided non-the-less. Some very religious rule-based Jewish leaders were imposing rules, rituals, and regulations, in addition to following Jesus. Religious freedom in Jesus was at risk.

Join us this weekend in one of our two weekend services. We’ll explore the advice found in the Bible regarding our freedom to worship in Jesus Name. It is relevant for everyone today, especially when we’ve been counting the days until…. until whatever? Jesus came to set us free. John 8:32 NLT.

God hasn’t forgotten our request for action, even if He never moves the way we have hoped and imagined; even if He doesn’t, He could. In 2019 it isn’t more effort that works best; instead more Jesus.

Try our Saturday service @ 6pm. You can help us grow that audience once more. Weekends are now filled with activities. If you are already out and about during Saturday, drop by Journey Saturday worship at 6pm. Seeing you on a Saturday night will make me smile. We are in this together.

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