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Blind Spots

Have you ever had something happen which surprised you and later said, “I didn’t see that coming!” Most of us have had things suddenly spring upon us like a playful house cat jumping out of hiding, snagging our pants leg as we walked by. We weren’t ready for that shock to our system.

This week in middle-America, the news has centered upon the polar vortex which broke records in many places for coldest temperatures. It has been a shock to our system; I have five layers of clothing on I think! Safety officials and weather services warned people in advance to prepare and stay inside when possible. Why is it that some people seem to heed warnings while others do not?

Last night the local news had the story of a homeless man refusing to come inside. Rescue shelters offered a warm meal and bed but the gentleman refused to leave his tent and the outdoors. I am sure people were checking on him from time to time through the night. He felt certain he was protected from the extreme elements and would be fine.

What is it about people, that when told we should seek shelter, or see a doctor, maybe get some rest, we refuse to listen? Author and speaker Bob Goff, who lost sight in one of his eyes because he ignored treatment, says, “It is because we all have blindspots.” I think he is spot on. We don’t always see things as clearly as we should.

This weekend we launch a new series, Rescue Me, taken from the Book of Romans in the Bible. I’ve shared this series years ago and I remember thinking back then, people are just people, we are all in stages of denial and believe we don’t really need a rescue. I think one of the reasons we’re in denial is like Bob Goff says, “We have blind spots,” and hate to admit it to anyone.

We’re in this together, as we say often. If things have been a little blurry lately and your life isn’t crisp and clear as you thought it would be, join in the discussion this weekend. Together, we’ll explore Biblical truth for sharpening our focus and recognizing some areas where blind spots may exist. Invite a guest to join us in one of our two worship gathering times. Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10:30am. Even if you can’t be here, an invite to someone you meet might be just what is needed in their life.

I hope you will join us and come inside. The weather is supposed to be amazing after frigid polar air all week; back in the 50’s & 60”s. Can you say Dilly, Dilly!

Laugh more, eat more, be together more. A great plan for the warmer weekend.

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