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3 Minutes at a Time

I hear people say this frequently. I imagine you have probably heard this often also? Maybe you have said it before, yourself; I know I have. It goes something like this when we are trying to juggle our busy day: “If I only had more time to…” and then people finish the sentence with all sorts of things; positive things they wish they could be doing but time is not available.

I was just reading an author speak about making lasting, meaningful friendships. I had never considered their suggestion to use the little moments, over and over to make a friend. One reason which always appears to interfere with rewarding friendships is our packed schedules each day. But what if we just used smaller bites of time, more often; repeating our “3 minutes of time” with steps toward building a friendship with a new person?

The author I was reading is Bob Goff and his book, “Everybody Always.” In chapter twelve, Bob describes making a friendship with a TSA officer at an airport, “3 minutes at a time.” Bob is a frequent flyer and over weeks and weeks of travel through the same airport with the same TSA officer, Bob became a regular friend.

We are not all frequent fliers meeting the same TSA officer each week. We are meeting people every day in grocery lines, service stations, and all sorts of other regular stops in our day. What if we noticed the people around us, especially the strangers, who we saw regularly at service jobs and made them our friendship projects this year? What if on purpose we returned again and again, even if only for a few minutes at a time, sharing kind words by saying hello?

This weekend is part two in the current series, "Rescue Me." We explore the consequences and personal impact of sin in the world. Everybody who doesn’t know God in a personal relationship is in big trouble. That was last weeks talk. People are people, and we have blind spots and many times don’t know we need a rescue. This weekend we’ll pick that back up again, learning we’re not just a “mistaker,” but we’re all sinners, there is no difference.

I realize it’s kind of a heavy topic and hard lift for people to really want to learn more about their sin? Who wants to hear more bad news? But if your ship were sinking like the Titanic, wouldn’t you like a little warning first? The consequences of knowing the consequences too late are far worse than hearing the truth of the consequences.

We’re in this life together. People and sin are like everyone boarding a ship destined to go down in the ocean; luxurious elite upper deck quarters or below deck servants quarters, we all will need a Jesus rescue.

The Good News of Jesus explains there are plenty enough lifeboats to go around. Jesus really is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. That is Good News we can all share; but what is the best way to inform people about sin? That’s a really good question to ponder in our divisive culture today. Just yelling fire in a crowded room isn’t working.

The author I spoke of earlier made me think deeper about friendships. Everyone needs a friend. What if we saw our real job for Jesus and the world was to become friends of more and more people and not just a select few already like us? And rather than just teach classes, share church music on stage, and present Bible outlines in buildings, we made friends all the time, everywhere, “3 minutes at a time.”

What if instead of talking about Jesus, trying to tell people what they should know about Him, we instead show them what Jesus is like? What if we became a friend of strangers like Jesus did? That is way better than yelling fire in a crowded room.

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