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Connie and I both were very fortunate growing up; our families have longevity stored away in their gene pools. We knew and loved all our grandparents dearly; spending many wonderful times together making memories forever. We even had a chance to spend time with great grandparents. When Connie and I married and had our first child, five generations were still living on both sides.

Heck, we have real hard copy pictures on Kodak paper if you want to see them. Everybody used to keep their pictures in shoeboxes before the cloud. This weekend at Journey we share lesson #4, Rescue me, from Romans in the Bible. Week #1 we discovered there is no difference. The people who go to Church and don’t go to Church are in the same boat. If we don’t know God we are in trouble. Like being on the Titanic, upper deck or lower deck, that ship is going to sink. We all need a lifeboat; Jesus is our rescue.

Week #2 we discovered that all people have blind spots and just don’t see it. That brings unwanted consequences like rust, cancer, and sin. Untreated rust and cancer will kill you; eating a whole through your quarter panel and vital organs. Sin is like that, it can be fatal. We’re not just mistakers, we’re sinners and need a rescue. Jesus is our rescue.

Week #3 we reviewed, like having a tax bill we can’t pay we need an extension. Jesus is like an attorney, an advocate, giving us some protection, some cover before the IRS comes to take us away. The Bible cals that a scapegoat. Jesus on the Cross took our sin we couldn’t pay off; He is our atonement, our “cover over” that takes away our sin and guilt. Jesus is our rescue.

Week #4, this weekend, we learn that Church needs more people like grandparents. We need Jesus followers who will help new people who arrive discover Jesus is for them, not against them. My grandparents loved us unconditionally, always. They saw the good in us before they saw the areas that needed attention. They spoiled us, pampered us, welcomed us and made us feel like the most important thing on their schedules.

Grandparents convinced us we were possible, not impossible. They built us up by loving on us and then trusting us to love on others too; even those different than us. The world is a better place because of loving grandparents; the Church is a better place because of people who love everyone like grandparents. Some lessons I learned from my grandparents were so simple, like 1-2-3-4. Join us this weekend and I’ll explain the Jesus rescue we all need is like 1-2-3-4.

Let’s do this together like a family. Invite a guest to try this place out. Tell them we’ve got an extra plate around the table for them. Then take them to lunch. You might want to ask them if they have any great stories to share about their own grandparents. It could be the start to a terrific conversation and friendship.

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