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Hump Day

Today is Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Do you know what day it is? If you have seen the TV commercial of the camel you know what day it is; hump day! We’ve all made it to the middle of our work week and this afternoon looks like the premier weather day for the next ten days. I am planning to get outside for an hour and walk the dogs at the park after lunch. What are you planning?

This weekend we wrap up the current series, Rescue Me, from Romans. This short series was never intended to be an exhaustive, in-depth research of an important part of the Bible. Instead my goal has been to offer practical, relevant and do-able lessons from the Bible that everyone can reach for. We are in this together.

As we finish the series, do me a favor. I encourage you to go back and read through the letter in your Bible titled Romans. There are sixteen chapters. You could read a chapter a day or take the whole month. Just read it slowly and let it soak in your heart and mind. I am confident God will illuminate key words and phrases we’ve talked about in this series that will make an impact on you.

This weekend I will share a true story of a person who was sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit. After years of time behind bars new evidence was presented and he was released. You may imagine your own rescue and wonder why God is not doing something sooner? This story may inspire you to never give up; God is working on it. Join us this weekend and bring a Journey guest. This could be the beginning of a new relationship someone discovers with God. This sets me up to mention Easter 2019 again.

Easter is April 21st this year, and we want you to keep praying about someone to be YOUR Easter guest at Journey. We are scheduling Easter as another Baptism Sunday at Journey. I have participated in other Churches having Easter baptisms at Easter with my grandchildren. They attend a large Church and consistently have hundreds of people making a public decision for baptism on Easter Sunday. It’s an exciting day for families and Churches to schedule baptisms that will be shared by friends and family gathering for Easter worship.

If you have never been baptized by immersion as described in the Bible, let us schedule April 21st as your personal day of Jesus rescue! Let’s do this together and share this in our Journey family. If you prefer a private time, we can do that at the end of the Easter service with just your family and friends. It can be an exciting and inspiring day for all of us. God will be honored and your life and future will be changed forever. Call me and we’ll discuss details.

Whatever personal challenges you have in your life, make this a real hump day and join us this weekend. Be sure to bring a friend. Jesus is our rescue.

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