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If You Were God...

If you were King for a day and in charge of the world, how would you straighten things out for people? Recently while flipping TV channels, Connie and I landed on on a rerun. We watched the movie “Bruce Almighty,” starring Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey. There are some Jim Carrey adult humor moments to be expected in the film. But for the most part this is a movie with a good script and great ending.

In the movie, Bruce ultimately discovers real love for his girlfriend is caring more about her happiness than his own. His character also finds that God is working on things even when we can’t see it or understand. If you have never seen this 2003 movie or need a refresher, I recommend checking out the PG-13 comedy film yourself.

Bruce, played by Jim Carrey, was pretty unhappy with how his luck was going in life. God, played by Morgan Freeman decides to let Bruce have his try at running things for everyone. After global failure was closing in upon him Bruce is ready to turn the whole thing back over to God.

Clearly, we’re not God and accepting this will make everything better in the world. (Psalm 52:7). This weekend we launch a new four-week series called Audacity. The noun version of this word means "the willingness to take bold risks." When we partner with God, rather than trying to take His job, things work much better.

The Church Jesus started is built to last. In this short series we will discover four Biblical strategies for sustainable growth through generational hand-offs. We are in this together as we say often at Journey. We put our time, talent, and treasure together for the greatest kingdom impact. We also need multi-generational engagement and commitment to the mission of Jesus' Church.

I am looking forward to unwrapping this new series with everyone this weekend at Journey worship gatherings. Bring a seat buddy and get them started in this new series that sets everything up for Easter and baptisms on

April 21st. Pray that new people seeking a relationship with God will arrive and make a Jesus decision. These next four weekends could be our breakout moment again at Journey Community Christian Church. The weather is warmer and your invites may be accepted this time. We’re in this together. Pray and make this pre-Easter series your own priority. Help new people get started toward a better version of themselves.

Be bold.

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