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How Bad?

March Madness in Men’s College Basketball is here. Regional Tournament upsets have already begun. Brackets and teams will be announced for the 68 team NCAA Championship this Sunday. Everyone wants to be in the big dance; everyone would like to be crowned the National Champion.

The truth about College sports is that the best team during the season doesn’t always win the glory. It often comes down to effort, injuries and a little luck along the way. In some ways our Christian experience is somewhat like a long basketball season. There are injuries and upsets along the way. You have to really want to achieve your best in order to survive and move on to the next game. It takes heart, determination and teamwork. We are better together.

This weekend is part two in our series, Audacity. This weekend…. we’ll explore and discover that boldness is not automatic in your (Jesus) Christian everyday prayer life. We have to want it bad; like wanting badly to win a Championship and cap off a great season. Audacity is defined as this: Willingness to take bold risks. We all know prayer is vital, but it can easily slip through our hands because of busy schedules.

We are better together. If you are like me, it helps to slow down before I lift up a thought or two toward God at the end of a long day. We all want to give God our best, not our leftovers. This lesson on the weekend can help us make audacious prayer a regular priority.

Invite a friend to join in the gathering time in one of our weekend services. Your invite to a friend carries more influence than you may realize. Let’s do this and prepare for Easter baptisms on April 21st. Let’s partner and help someone schedule this forever life-changing decision. Go God.

Let’s be willing to take bold risks.

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