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When No Might Be Better

A no now, could mean a yes later. I am not sure who is credited with that statement. I guess it could apply to almost anything. I have often heard it used in regard to prayers that seemed unanswered. I do believe that God has been silent in my own prayers at times, only to say yes with a blessing later. How about you?

Life is demanding and has a way of wearing us down. When it gets too much of a load for us, we may give out. I encourage you not to throw in the towel. God knows everything. He is aware of our needs. Just a few minutes ago a person came to the office looking for assistance with food. I had to tell them no; they did not like my answer.

Even though we have given assistance at times, Journey doesn’t have a food ministry. We are not in the food business; we’re in the Jesus business. Sometimes we use food to share more about Jesus. In the case of the person today asking for food, no was the better answer. The person has years of history in our community. In this case the repeated request for assistance was toxic and would only enable a habit.

It’s not easy saying "No" to anyone. Your children may be disappointed when you explain we are not able to do everything. Maybe it feels like you let your family down when you have to work during a family gathering and say "No, I can’t be there." Saying no to people has the potential of making you a very unpopular person.

It’s not easy saying "No" to ourselves. This is especially true in regards to managing our tight time margin each day; how we spend time in our busy schedule is challenging. Author Dr. Henry Cloud has written the helpful book “Necessary Endings.” He strongly urges we take inventory; pruning away like a rose bush, some of the dying buds, which consume nourishment from healthy buds. "Pruning our schedules is painful but necessary", says Dr. Cloud.

I believe it is a worthy exercise to say "No" at times. I hope my guest at the door today will hunker down and think about his chronic recurring monthly food situation. God is for him too, and not against him. Yet, at times God says "No" to all of us, hoping we might grow.

Join us this weekend in one of our services. We will explore part three in the current series, "Audacity." This week we learn saying "No" can sometimes be a good thing. Continue to pray for Easter baptisms. Let me know if we can schedule that for you.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9 NLT

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