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I am about to show my age. “Big” is a 1988 comedy movie starring Tom Hanks. Hanks plays a twelve-year old boy who makes a wish “to be big” and is then changed to adulthood over-night. The early Tom Hanks comedy got great reviews. You may want to check it out on your Netflix account. What kid in the world hasn’t wanted to be grownup a lot sooner?

Have you considered lately how “BIG” our God is in the Bible? I am reading through the Bible a little each day. Currently, I am remembering God is “BIG” and can do anything. I am reading of God’s powerful, strong arm leading his chosen family, the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, into the Promised Land. Our God can do anything; nothing is too hard.

I hope you are setting aside some time each day to read a bit of the Bible. With over 800,000 words it may be intimidating to get started reading. If you have never tried the “You Version” Bible App for a daily reading plan just check it out; it is a free download.

This weekend in the final episode of our current series, "Audacity", we will explore together bold obedience. In this series we have taken a look at regular people just like you and I, willing to take bold risks for God. Having the audacity to do what others may not be willing to do for God is the theme of the early Church Jesus started. Are you in?

We have a “BIG” God, not a weeny God. He can do anything. Do you believe in Easter? Easter in twenty-five days is not just another holiday on the calendar. God conquered death so everyone could be forgiven. God really is for everybody. We have to tell everybody. Not everybody knows.

This really is Good News. Be bold and audacious, invite Easter guests. Help them schedule their own Easter baptism and decision to follow God. God wants all of us to grow up and do big things for His kingdom on earth. Easter is a great time to be engaged and get serious about God’s mission for each of us.

We’re in this together. Dream bigger. Go bigger. Be Bigger. Tell everyone God is BIG!

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