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Who Do You Call?

Last weekend when I wanted to get my riding mower out of winter hibernation, it wouldn’t start. I fiddled with it for thirty minutes or so and decided I am not getting anywhere. I went next door to my neighbor who builds, repairs and works on riding mowers. He can make them purr like a kitten. He immediately offered to come over and take a look. In about five minutes he had my mower started. I went to the right person.

We all need someone to go to at times. We need neighbors and friendships and relationships with other people. It’s great to have unlimited information at our fingertips through technology. But at the end of the day, when your tractor won’t start, your car won’t start, or you can’t get out of bed, we need a real person who is available.

This weekend in a pre-Easter series titled "Build Strong." We’re going to share an outline from the Bible and this big idea: Everyone needs a friend and everyone needs to be friendly! What if the hardest part of following Jesus today is NOT about keeping a list of rules. What if the hardest part is building meaningful, lifetime relationships with people.

Today most of us are much better at doing a “punch list” of work to be done than having a conversation with a stranger. We’re not so good in initiating contact or being open with people we don’t know (or even people people we do know). We are, in many instances, trying to work alone using online support groups to keep us grounded. I’m not sure that is working; nor is it what Jesus has in mind.

As we begin this series, I am praying all of us can rethink who we might call in a time of crisis? Beyond our immediate family, who do we trust and have confidence in to share real concerns and needs? If you have felt left out and marginalized by friends, family, and co-workers (maybe even the Church), this series is definitely a starter for you.

God really is for everybody, whatever our struggle or story in life. (John 3:16). God is for everybody even when if feels like nobody cares. Bring a friend this weekend or bring yourself and let Journey be your friend. Together we’ll dig into Biblical instructions for building relationships that are strong.

I can promise this series will be a game changer next time your car won’t start or your mower won’t move. We’re in this together. We are better together. Jesus says so.

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