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It is Easter week and I am having a difficult time keeping my life free and clear from clutter and busyness. How about you? Just now I spoke to a Journey friend and they said, “I have five things to do today; I can’t do them all.” This weekend is Easter and whatever you have to do get inside with an Easter gathering of people somewhere, do it.

Journey, like every Church, has been busy preparing for guests to arrive for several weeks. People are consistently praying for friends and family to join them for Easter activities. Most of us are doing everything possible to be friendly, caring and kind to everyone even strangers. I know many have spoken to total strangers about Jesus during this week before Easter. You Journey guys are the best.

I want to thank all of you Journey volunteers and leaders who have logged hours of your time just prepping everything for new guests and returning guest to arrive. I promise you that your effort has not gone unnoticed. God is honored by your commitment to love people and to love God at Easter and every day. I am praying with you that some of the contacts and conversations we have shared will lead people to a Church gathering somewhere, if not Journey, this weekend. Let’s do this. God is worthy of our Easter worship. Go God.

This Easter weekend we’ll continue sharing from the series "Build Strong" where we’ll explore how to Build Strong Love. Jesus' final week on earth was more hectic and chaotic than I can describe. God gave His life on the Cross for you and me (John 3:16). Jesus modeled for all of us 3 things to practice after Easter. He taught us to love more, serve more, and sacrifice more.

Join us this weekend in either our Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10:30am Easter worship. I promise we’ll make things simple and clear for everyone to grasp how much God loves people just like you. God is for everyone; not everyone knows; we have to tell everyone. That is the message of our Easter for you.

In fact we say this often at Journey, not just at Easter. The Simple Church Jesus has in mind loves God and loves people. We’re certainly not the Church that gets everything right. We do try hard, to be consistent and love God and love people. We’re not the Church that does everything. We want to help everyone get their Jesus story started; then help them grow into the best Jesus version of themselves possible.

Hey, it’s not too late. Tell your Easter invites to check out a Church called Journey which has a RETURN POLICY. “If you don’t like us you don’t have to come back. But most people like us and do come back.” I borrowed this line from one of my friends and their Easter invites. You can use it also to make someone smile. Jesus would.

Let’s do this. I am working on some of the clutter today in my life and clearing some space for this Easter weekend. I hope you will join me.

One more thing; read Matthew 28:1-7 before the weekend. God is worthy of our time.

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