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We Need People

The guy who schedules service for my car just said this: “I’ll take care of you.” Yep, I am back at the car dealership. Yesterday, driving away from the Church my check engine light came on. Here I am again in the customer service purgatory waiting area. This has really gotten old and very expensive. Connie and I both have vehicles simply wearing out from miles and miles on the road.

After 12 years and 225,000 miles, my car is showing its age. Hey, aren’t we all showing our age; trying to keep our cars repaired and on the road reminds me of people. Every day travel through life has a way of wearing down all our moving parts. Whenever and wherever people pull into a shop (church, doctor office, or yoga class) we are hoping to find a little help and life support.

Let me put this out there; maybe it will help someone. This weekend after Easter, the one thing most of us need is people who genuinely care and will listen. Many people I know are running as hard and fast as they can; keeping their foot on the gas. Sooner or later the wear of life begins to show on us like an old car or truck. This weekend after Easter, we’ll explore the importance of having helpful, healthy people in our life.

We need people; it’s not a weakness, it’s wise. Our Journey worship weekend will continue the current series, Build Strong. I think you will find the message and Bible in the Sat @ 6 pm and Sun @10:30 am gatherings relevant and worthy of your time.

We are in this together. More now, maybe than ever before, people need people to trust and grow community together. In years past, families shared meals together and shared the days events; we found support and community around the kitchen table. It has become more difficult for families to arrange their busy schedules to coordinate family times together at home.

When your personal life dashboard begins to flash warning signals our Journey gathering may be just what you need. Come inside and find friendly people; hey, we’ll do our best to take care of you.

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